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Hi, Everyone,

Welcome to the busy season for most of us fir needle loving peeps.

We are reaching out to bring everyone up to date with Bedrock Tree Farm Fir Needle Products.

In recent years we have begun to switch out all our wax-melting tanks to Fir Needle Natural only as of Labor Day due to high demand for our best-selling product.

If you have an order/reorder in with us already with other scents, you will get your complete order. We have planned for that.

If you haven't placed your order/reorder yet, you could still possibly get something besides Fir Needle Natural, but when the stock for other scents is out that will be the end of it until next year. Please call or email if you would like an update on what we still have.

The growing high demand for Fir Needle Natural this time of year is making it so that our space for other scents is very limited and we need all tanks and space to be able to produce what is needed in the Natural. (We need a bigger barn but that is another story.)

So, to be clear, if you have an order in with a pending ship date, no worries.

If not, until January 15, 2023, the only scent available to ship for orders/reorders is Fir Needle Natural and it is available in all of our current containers.

We are thrilled with all of the positive feedback and loyal customers.

Thank you and we hope your season is all you hope it to be.

Made with All Natural Non-GMO Soy Wax

Clean Burning, Non-Toxic

Wooden Wicks or Cotton-Braid, Lead-Free Wicks

Scented with 100% Essential Oils and and Naturally Derived Fragrance Oils Combined by Owners Angie and Tom Geary

Hand Poured in Small Batches, Making each Candle Unique
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